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Cardiac rehabilitation


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Patients admitted to cardiac rehabilitation may come directly from acute hospitals where they have undergone cardiac surgery or intervention (valvular, for ischemic pathology such as bypass or revascularization through PTCA, for vascular or congenital pathology or after an episode of heart failure). In this case we speak of first phase rehabilitation. The purpose of the rehabilitation cycle is to restore normal cardiovascular and global functions. The cornerstones of this first phase of rehabilitation are respiratory physiotherapy and controlled physical activity with the aim of restoring the patient to a normal social life. The duration of hospitalization is variable, usually two weeks.


Second phase cardiologic rehabilitation, which can be performed in an inpatient or Day Hospital setting, begins approximately 45 to 90 days after the procedure or acute event. The patient comes from home and the activity is aimed at complete functional recovery and the achievement of a performance that comes as close as possible (or even exceeds) the pre acute event capacity. The physical activity is more complex with multiple activities, including stretching, Nordic walking, escalator exercise and various other physical activities under clinical and instrumental control that allow a precise assessment of the type of activity to be performed for each patient. This period, lasting 2/3 weeks, includes a final evaluation of the functional capacity achieved.


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