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Cardiac rehabilitation

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Incoming patients are given a cardiac check up, ECG, chest x-ray, colour Doppler echocardiography, Holter monitoring and routine blood tests.


The rehabilitation programme is tailored to suit the patient: those who have recently undergone surgery work with physiotherapists for special respiratory re-education and gentle activity using exercise bike and treadmill once a day.


Gym activities are monitored remotely by specially trained staff from the hospital.


On their return, patients carry out a more structured, tailored form of physical activity. The tests performed during their initial stay are repeated together with an ergospirometer test, the parameters of which then serve to set out the training programme.


Every day, there are ‘stretching’ and floor exercise sessions (sometimes using small weights), plus two sessions of aerobic activity. These can include traditional gym equipment (exercise bike or treadmill) or follow a programme of aqua gym in the pool or Nordic walking sessions under the watchful eye of trained staff.


Data from international literature on the subject have led us to include a programme of dance lessons (especially tango) in order to offer different rehabilitation activities and achieve better patient ‘compliance’ over the long term. If weather conditions allow, gym sessions can be replaced by set routes through the ‘olive grove’, i.e., along standard routes outside that the patient completes regulating speed with a specially provided heart rate monitor. If the patient is able, he or she will do some two hours of physical exercise every day.


All patients meet with the psychologist and dietician, as well as attending the weekly health information meeting held by the Consultant Cardiologist. Tests are repeated throughout the stay as required in each case. At the end of the stay, a report is provided (discharge letter) for the patient’s GP as well as for the Consultant of the referring hospital and for the patient’s own cardiologist, if any. This document sets out the patient’s conditions and the results achieved through activity and it also suggests treatment, checks and a specially tailored programme of physical training.


The patient’s work to aid with his or her own overall rehabilitation is most important. Of course, it is natural that the effect of treatment will be more beneficial if the patient collaborates.


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